Artist Statement


I have always enjoyed painting; I work with oil paints because I enjoy the freedom and flow of the paint. In my paintings I explore the emotions that we all experience. I try to capture a moment in time, exploring themes of fear, loneliness, joy, and humour. I like to create some ambiguity in my work by fading images in and out of the painted surface, I also work with glazes to build up an image and create an atmosphere in my paintings. I want people to react in an emotional way to my work. My paintings include abstract and realistic images, I enjoy getting lost in the work.
I have recently been working on portraiture resulting in an exhibition with professional photographer Lorraine MacLarty at Gosford Regional Gallery. The exhibition "Who We Are" focussed on local people who have greatly contributed to the community. A portrait and a photograph of each person was displayed along with information about them. Lorraine explored the idea of something that the community didn't know about that person. This exhibition was very successful and created a lot of interest throughout the community.

One of my favourite quotes is by Artist Georgia O'Keeffe '' I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for"
Hannah's Dad